a simple introduction to nano

What is nano?

nano is an instant, global currency with no fees which has been under development since 2014. nano is opensource and free to use.

Why should I care?

With nano you can send large or small amounts of money to anyone, anywhere in the world for free. You can use it today to pay your friends or to buy things online and the number of merchants accepting Nano is increasing every day. If you have something to sell you can use nano to eliminate credit card fees!

Try nano

There are 2 easy steps to trying nano. (Clicking the links will take you away from this site - we suggest reading through first then coming back).
First download a wallet - We recommend canoe wallet. Click the link on desktop or search canoe wallet in your app store. Once you have downloaded the wallet go to recieve and copy the address.Next go to and paste your address. Hit 'send me some' to receive your first nano.

Learn more. Get Involved.

The nano community is growing every day. We hang out on reddit over at /r/nanocurrency and in discord. The official website is where there is lots of really great info about Nano including FAQ's.

Buying nano

You cannot currently buy nano directly using $/£/€. You can buy Bitcoin and trade it for nano on exchanges. Our favourite exchanges are nanex and binance. You can buy bitcoin directly with $/£/€ on coinbase.

If you have any questions about nano or encounter any difficulties please contact us by email or on twitter.